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8 Heat Press Features You Must Know To Avoid Regret in 2021

Getting into the garment decoration business can be both scary and exciting at the same time. And if you’re getting into heat press (vs screen printing), things can also get pretty expensive fairly quick. With all the options and heat press features in the market these days, it pays to do your research. Now

Starting Screen Printing – Which 3 Ink Types Should You Use?

So, you’re in. You’ve decided to kickstart your dream and venture into screen printing – great! Be it for leisure or profit (the global apparel market is growing to a staggering $1.5 TRILLION dollars this year in 2020!) it’s the best time to get your hands dirty with screen printing! But wait! Which screen

15 Screen Printing Mistakes You Can Avoid to Stay Motivated!

Everyday I get emails asking if it’s worthwhile getting into screen printing. My answer is always a virtual nod. Global trends state that custom apparel is on the rise and t-shirt trends are favoring screen printing more than ever. But with more young people learning to screen print, there are also more of you

3 Common Screen Printing Exposure Problems & 1 Simple Fix

Getting the perfect ‘burn’ or exposure on a screen sits quite high on my happy list. The feeling of satisfaction and elation I felt the first time I washed out a perfectly exposed stencil is what I want you to feel, too. And since 10/10 newbie screen printers will no doubt come face to

What Exactly Is Off-contact & How It Can Save Your Life

It has been 24 hours since I printed my first screen. And it turned out to be complete s**t. I thought I’d read and researched all I needed to know. I was pretty sure I covered all the screen printing tutorials I could find on Google and T-shirt Forums even before I opened my

[Watch] How to Screen Print T-shirts at Home in 8 Simple Steps

As requested by quite a few readers, here’s the video version of my earlier tutorial: How to Screen Print T-shirts at Home in 8 Simple Steps If you haven’t already read it, check it out. But if you’re a budding couch potato like I am, here’s the entire process. It’s a good way to

Push or Pull Your Squeegee? Everyone Agrees With This Instead

Okay, let’s settle this, there are way too many debates and discussions over this one topic.  For beginners, it’s always a wonder if the correct method is to push or pull the squeegee. Now the reason why this is such a hot topic is because, there isn’t a right answer. There just isn’t, let’s

T-shirt Heat Press Machines & How To Find The Best One

Heat pressing is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite option when it comes to custom prints. All you need is a home printer, some heat transfers and a heat press machines to get started. It’s easy to apply, quicker than screen printing, less messy, produces decent quality and has a very low learning curve. In fact,