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A-Z T-shirt Screen Printing Tutorial at Home in 7 Easy Steps!

If there was ever a business model that’s crossed a creative kid’s mind, t-shirt screen printing has got to be in the top 3. Not only do you get to create and bring your creative ideas to life, you can easily started screen printing in a home garage or bedroom (isn’t that how most

How to Setup Screenprinting Registration to Produce Amazing Prints

When working with multiple colors in graphic design, the term that gets thrown around a lot is ‘crosshairs’. When it comes to screenprinting, you’ll hear the same concept being expressed as ‘screenprinting registration’. In this post, I get straight into the details of what it is, the importance of proper setup and how it

What is 4-color Process Screen Printing & How to Set It Up Correctly

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced screen printer, chances are you have heard the term “process screen printing” or “4-color process screen printing”. This advanced method of printing is one the oldest and allows you to achieve amazingly realistic prints that lasts. So what is 4-color Process Screen Printing? Also

Starting Screen Printing – Which 3 Ink Types Should You Use?

So, you’re in. You’ve decided to kickstart your dream and venture into screen printing – great! Be it for leisure or profit (the global apparel market is growing to a staggering $1.5 TRILLION dollars this year in 2020!) it’s the best time to get your hands dirty with screen printing! But wait! Which screen

Push or Pull Your Squeegee? Everyone Agrees With This Instead

Okay, let’s settle this, there are way too many debates and discussions over this one topic.  For beginners, it’s always a wonder if the correct method is to push or pull the squeegee. Now the reason why this is such a hot topic is because, there isn’t a right answer. There just isn’t, let’s

This is The Real History of Screen Printing

The history of screen printing, or silk screening, originated in China during in the medieval ages of the 900s AD, specifically in the era of Song Dynasty Art (960-1279). They didn’t really have anything going on back then, so someone actually started making screens using human hair. Yep, now you know why Chinese people

3 screen printing ink types you need to know

Screen printing has evolved a whole lot over the years. Let’s get straight to the point – there are 3 main screen printing ink types we typically use and they are: Plastisol/Traditional Water-based Discharged (Most people will categorize this under water-based, but let’s keep this separate) Plastisol inks Also known as the “traditional” way

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Screen Printing T-shirts

Screen printing t-shirts is probably one the most fulfilling projects you can start doing at home by yourself. It is not only great as a hobby project, but if you do get good at it, you can actually turn it into a business, and that’s when the possibilities are endless. Plus, the learning curve