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15 Screen Printing Mistakes You Can Avoid to Stay Motivated!

Everyday I get emails asking if it’s worthwhile getting into screen printing. My answer is always a virtual nod. Global trends state that custom apparel is on the rise and t-shirt trends are favoring screen printing more than ever. But with more young people learning to screen print, there are also more of you

3 Common Screen Printing Exposure Problems & 1 Simple Fix

Getting the perfect ‘burn’ or exposure on a screen sits quite high on my happy list. The feeling of satisfaction and elation I felt the first time I washed out a perfectly exposed stencil is what I want you to feel, too. And since 10/10 newbie screen printers will no doubt come face to

What Exactly Is Off-contact & How It Can Save Your Life

It has been 24 hours since I printed my first screen. And it turned out to be complete s**t. I thought I’d read and researched all I needed to know. I was pretty sure I covered all the screen printing tutorials I could find on Google and T-shirt Forums even before I opened my