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20 local shops that will kickstart your screen printing business

So you’ve just finished a small print job which essentially launched you from hobbyist screen printer, to small business owner.  Exciting times right?  But now you have to figure out how to get more jobs so you can kickstart your screen printing business.  This can be quite challenging especially if you’ve exhausted your friends

19 ways to grow your screen printing business on a budget

I’ve always believed that a good product and/or service will sell itself. Has this been true every time for me? Yes, but if I wanted my business to reap in the full benefits, I had to employ a few marketing tactics. Because getting a repeat order wasn’t enough. I wanted my customers to love

List of Things You Need & Cost To Start Screen Printing Now

“I’d love to get into it, but I’m scared!” Starting a new project can be both intimidating and exciting at the same time. While screen printing isn’t rocket science, oftentimes I hear folks admit that they just don’t have a clue on where to begin, followed by another fear, which is wasting money. While

Can you really make $250K a year screen printing t-shirts?

What?! How can you even ask me that? That’s so rude?! It’s super awkward to ask, and even more awkward for people to answer. Because of privacy reasons, people just don’t disclose how much money they make to complete strangers. But if you’ve been in a particular industry or trade long enough like I

17 screen printing emulsion FAQs to help you avoid stress!

So you’re trying to start your own little print operation and you’ve been busy following Youtube tutorials and checking out forums. But somehow, you can’t seem to make things work, and you keep circling back to your stencils – specifically the screen printing emulsion! For many aspiring screen printers, creating the perfect stencil has

Why You Should Use Vectors Over Bitmap in Screen Printing

One of the biggest questions you’ll have before breaking into the t-shirt industry is deciding if you’ll be using vectors over bitmap graphics. Does your screen printer only accept AI or SVG files? Perhaps you have an idea on paper that you want to digitize – which software should you go with? Did your

15 squeegee questions you wanted to ask but were too shy

You can have the best press, best dryer, best exposure unit, best everything in the world, but if you don’t have a sharp, clean squeegee blade, your print will look bad no matter what…  Now who would think that something as simple as the squeegee would have such a big impact on the overall

Water-based or Plastisol? 7 Tips To Find Your Ideal Ink Type

If you’ve just started screen printing and want some suggestions for some decent inks to use for your project, you’ve come to the right place. But if you’re expecting to tell you what the “best screen printing ink” is, you’re going to be disappointed. Because it simply doesn’t exist. It’s like asking “What is