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How-to Build a Super Easy DIY Screen Printing Exposure Unit!

A lot of people have been emailing asking me about the screen printing exposure unit that I use in this exposure calculator. To be honest, it’s not pretty, and it’s far from being a ‘unit’. But I like to keep things simple, efficient and super cheap to make. But most importantly, it works just

Easy Screen Printing Exposure Calculator That Works With Any Emulsion

That’s it, I’m sooo done with screen printing!! Okay, so I hear this line a lot. For the last few prints, your screens came out terrible. It was underexposed, you saw emulsion melting away during washout. It was over-exposed and can barely see through it. Fine lines in your design washed away, just like

Easily Create Screen Printing Halftones Without Photoshop!

When you’ve perfected the art of spot color screen printing, the natural progression is to take it one step further. Creating screen printing halftones, the heart of process printing So what are screen printing halftones? From wiki, “Halftones is a printing technique that simulates continuous tone imagery through the use of dots, varying either

[How-to] Build the World’s Easiest 1-Color DIY Screen Printing Press (Updated 2021)

Now that you understand how the screen printing process works, it’s time to level up with your own 1-color DIY screen printing press! There are several benefits as to why you should print using a press, one reason is for stability. Whenever you pull or push your squeegee during printing, it’s important to keep