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Your Ultimate Guide to the World of Plastisol Transfers

You never really hear about plastisol transfers until you get deeper into the wild world of garment decoration. Maybe you’ve been heat pressing for some time and read about plastisol transfers? Or perhaps you’re a screen printer looking to create your own transfers? Whichever the case, if you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers.

7 Easy Ways To Cure Screen Printed T-Shirts Like A Pro

If you’ve just started pursuing screen printing tees as a hobby or intend to set up shop in the future, then learning how to cure screen printed T-shirts is a must. Curing is the crucial final step in the screen printing process. Inks should be properly heat cured so it sets nicely into the

Screen Printing vs all methods: Which is the best for you?

Invented by the Chinese in the 900s AD, screen printing has survived until this day because of its versatility, durability and efficiency. And thanks to innovative minds, you can now mass produce quality garments in record speeds. And with personalization and commercialization on the rise, the demand for custom made apparels are bigger than

Epic List of T-Shirt Design Software You Should Explore

So you’ve got a couple of nifty ideas for some t-shirt designs. If only you can materialize them on screen- you’d be on your way to making a million bucks! But you’re not the best graphics person in the bunch, so where and how do you even begin? If you’re reading this article, chances

Start a Screen Printing Business: 33 Tips from Actual Owners

“Expectation is the mother of all f**k ups” Starting a screen printing business is a lot like downhill skiing. It can be fast and exciting, but extremely scary if you don’t know what’s coming. The slightest mistake can be damaging and chances are, preventing the mishap could have been so simple. Fortunately, business is

A-Z T-shirt Screen Printing Tutorial at Home in 7 Easy Steps!

If there was ever a business model that’s crossed a creative kid’s mind, t-shirt screen printing has got to be in the top 3. Not only do you get to create and bring your creative ideas to life, you can easily started screen printing in a home garage or bedroom (isn’t that how most

How to Setup Screenprinting Registration to Produce Amazing Prints

When working with multiple colors in graphic design, the term that gets thrown around a lot is ‘crosshairs’. When it comes to screenprinting, you’ll hear the same concept being expressed as ‘screenprinting registration’. In this post, I get straight into the details of what it is, the importance of proper setup and how it

What is 4-color Process Screen Printing & How to Set It Up Correctly

Whether you are new to the industry or an experienced screen printer, chances are you have heard the term “process screen printing” or “4-color process screen printing”. This advanced method of printing is one the oldest and allows you to achieve amazingly realistic prints that lasts. So what is 4-color Process Screen Printing? Also